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Co-operative investment finance

Investing in the net-zero economy

Explore the opportunities that becoming a Merchant Ports partner provides.

Work together with other partners to fund businesses; investment, infrastructure or property acquisition.

We work with innovative companies , consortiums and public sector bodies within our trade locations who are looking for funding to deliver their climate change objectives. 

Take advantage of Freeports, FreeTrade Zones or simply invest early into infrastructure projects or startups  and growth businesses.

We call the concept “ The escalator of business life” investors contribute a relatively small amount of funding which when aggregated creates a fund that is utilised for the mutual benefit of the members.

This fund is administered via our structured Small Alternative Investment Fund Management solution and provides a viable option for aggregated investment. 

We also look at opportunities for supported growth and investment , identifying opportunities within the main industrial clusters and newly formed Freeport locations in the UK and existing, but expanding locations abroad where additional public sector funding or incentives are available. 

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