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North West Regional Investment Prospectus

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NOrth West Region- Opportunities

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Project: E-Port

Investment Opportunity: £500m

Timescales: Comprehensive region-wide investment-ready Business Plan to be completed by March 2021.

Overview: E-Port will deliver a blueprint for unlocking capital investment in a net zero carbon industrial cluster in the Ellesmere Port region over a 10 year period.

It will define a range of future local energy system designs to inform a range of potential capital investment opportunities in infrastructure, energy generation/distribution/storage, control systems, and related products and services able to provide secure, low carbon, affordable energy.



Project: HyNet

Investment Opportunity: £1bn+

Timescales: Operations to start in 2025 subject to consenting and Government Business Models for Low Carbon Hydrogen and CCUS

Overview: The UK’s leading low carbon hydrogen and CCUS project offers a low cost, low risk route to decarbonise the North West industrial cluster and other sectors of the regional economy. Kick starting the hydrogen economy, it will deliver a material contribution to Net Zero and considerable economic benefit. Repurposing Liverpool Bay gas fields infrastructure provides a low capital entry for CCUS deployment of 1 million tonnes of CO2 per year with incremental growth to 10 million tonnes per year and beyond.



Project: Protos
Investment Opportunity: £1.5bn
Timescales: Immediate project specific opportunities around plastic recycling and recovery, BioSNG, hydrogen production and carbon capture and utilisation. Extending to 15 year business plan across later phases.
Overview: Protos is a strategic cluster of energy generation and energy intensive industry in Cheshire. With over 54 hectares consented and a wider masterplan extending to 280 hectares. Existing infrastructure includes a 50 MW wind farm and 26MW biomass facility. Protos has the opportunity for carbon capture and storage and will provide multi energy vector local networks to support energy intensive industry.


Mersey Tidal Power Project

Project: Mersey Tidal Power Project
Investment Opportunity: £ Multi-Billion Capital
Timescales: Early stage Development
Overview: The high tidal range in Liverpool Bay and the Mersey estuary provides a unique opportunity to reliably generate abundant and predictable long-term renewable energy. Progression of the new scheme over the next decade will ‘lock-in’ long term, low carbon generation for the urban and industrial area for a century. The scheme is an important jigsaw piece in the whole energy system integration of electricity, storage and hydrogen and will provide resilience in the wider region network, whilst also providing a boost in employment and skills for the city region.


Project Vanguard

Project: Project Vanguard
Investment Opportunity: £1 Million Commitment
Timescales: Completion by Feb 2021
Overview: Storengy UK in partnership with Cheshire East Council will be building a green hydrogen refuelling station in Middlewich, Cheshire. The facility will produce hydrogen in the greenest way possible – using an electrolyser connected to solar panels. This will provide safe, clean hydrogen fuel, which will be pumped into dual-fuel bin trucks used by the council and a Storengy works vehicle. The project will see a reduction of diesel usage by more than 10,000 litres per year, reducing CO2 emissions and improving local air quality benefits.



Project: HySecure
Investment Opportunity: £25m
Timescales: Feasibility study complete. Following FID, full operation in 5 years.
Overview: HySecure is a bespoke solution mined hydrogen storage salt cavern, capable of storing 50GWh of energy (1100 tonnes of hydrogen working gas volume). The cavern can be used to demonstrate flexible hydrogen storage to de-risk future large scale hydrogen storage facilities. Equally the cavern can provide back-up hydrogen supply services to other hydrogen projects in the North West region increasing the overall resilience of the nascent hydrogen supply industry.



Project: Centurion
Investment Opportunity: £300m
Timescales: Feasibility study complete. Following FID, 2 – 3 years for delivery of main components. Full operation in 4 years.
Overview: Centurion is a “power to gas” large scale (100MW) demonstration project to capture under-utilized green electricity, convert to hydrogen, store the hydrogen in a repurposed (gas storage) salt cavern and then export the hydrogen to the gas grid when required. The system can make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of the electricity and gas grids and by coupling the two, it can provide useful energy storage, reducing renewable curtailment and constraints.


Carbon Capture & Utilisation

Project: Carbon Capture & Utilisation
Investment Opportunity: Total cost of £16.7m with £4.2m grant funding from BEIS.
Timescales: The project is due for completion by the end of 2020
Overview: A UK-first Carbon Capture and Utilisation project to capture 40,000 tonnes of food grade carbon dioxide for use as a raw material for high grade Sodium Bicarbonate manufacture in Cheshire. The project will capture flue gases from the combined heat and power plant at Tata Chemicals Europe’s Northwich industrial site in Cheshire and will reduce carbon emissions by over 10%.

Live Infrastructure Developments: Products


Below are a portfolio of viable projects identified by Invest Net Zero Cheshire that meet the aim of net zero carbon whilst also meeting the energy demands of the area.

Live Infrastructure Developments: Products

Manufacturer Net Zero

This large blue-chip manufacturer in the Ellesmere Port region is considering a multi-vector decarbonisation project comprising rooftop solar PV, onsite electric vehicle (“EV”) chargepoints to serve their corporate fleet and staff vehicles and waste heat recovery technologies.


This blue-chip chemical company (“the Company”) are considering onsite production of green hydrogen using ground mounted solar proposed on their available land and additional capacity from other local developers.

Firethorn Net Zero
Logistics Hub

Firethorn Trust, an experience developer of, and investor in, logistics warehousing spaces across the UK, are constructing a new logistics warehouse in Ellesmere Port that is looking to deliver low-cost leasing whilst meeting their client’s carbon reduction objectives. Onsite rooftop solar PV generation of up to 5.44 MW will be installed across the site, 3.26 MW of which on three warehouse rooftops, and the remaining 2.18MW on three carports. The majority of power generation is expected to be consumed onsite, with excess power spilled to the grid.

Distributed Solar PV Portfolio

A community and private sector investment opportunity for utility scale ground mounted solar PV generation up to a maximum of c.840MW across 8 sites within the Cheshire West and Cheshire borough ranging between 57MW – 167MW. Power to be exported either by private wire to large, local energy consumers or to the grid via an export connection.

Distributed Onshore
Wind Portfolio

A community and private investment opportunity for utility scale onshore wind generation totalling c.70MW – c.192MW, dependant on whether a 500m or 700m buffer to the nearest residential building is taken, across 5 sites within the Cheshire West and Cheshire borough. Individual projects ranging between 10MW – 53MW. Power to be exported either by private wire to large, local energy consumers or to the grid via an export connection.

Vauxhall Net Zero

Vauxhall Motors are looking to implement a multi-vector decarbonisation project comprising Internet of Things (“IoT”) based demand reduction interventions, onsite wind and solar generation (or a private wire solution) and heat optimisation solutions (boiler replacement and heat recovery).

Thornton Net Zero

The University of Chester’s Thornton Science Park is looking to implement a multi-vector energy strategy that secures its energy supply, decarbonises its operations, facilitates decarbonisation of neighbouring businesses and positions Thornton as a centre of energy and future farming excellence. Projects include Internet of Things (“IoT”)-based onsite demand reduction and energy efficiency measures, onsite energy generation and vertical farming (for which it could be an offtaker of locally captured CO2), as well as offtaking heat (for space heating).

Wastewater Circular
Economy Project

Wastewater Treatment Works (“WwTW”) plant conversion to a thermal hydrolysis process (“THP”) to facilitate biomethane production (for grid injection and use in an onsite combined heat and power plant) with, as a proposed second phase, installation of (i) carbon capture equipment on the THP and (ii) an alternative heat source. See also Circular Economy Greenhouse for heat offtake and CO2 reutilisation potential.

Protos CCUS Shared
Infrastructure Project

Multi-emitter shared CCUS infrastructure at Protos Park.

Ellesmere Port
Heat Network

The development and construction of an industrial heat network serving, as first phase, anchor demand from Thornton Science Park and tenants at nearby Protos Park with potential for expansion to the surrounding Ellesmere Port area.

Peel Plastics

The development and construction of an unrecyclable mixed plastics conversion facility at Protos Park, producing high purity syngas which is then converted into hydrogen, electricity and heat.

EfW to Sustainable
Refuelling Hub

The development of the UK’s first sustainable multi-fuelling hub (combining retail premises with EV charging, bio-CNG/LNG, hydrogen and potentially e-fuels refuelling infrastructure), located adjacent to the M53 motorway and intending to benefit from private wire electricity from nearby Hooton energy-from-waste plant and connection to the gas grid.

Council Refuse Fleet
Low Carbon Refuelling

The proposed replacement (by way of purchase or leasing) of Cheshire West and Chester (“CW&C”) Council’s refuse collection vehicle fleet (one of the largest of any local authority in the UK, with up to 76 vehicles earmarked for replacement) and the development and installation of CNG refuelling infrastructure at CW&C Council’s two local depots and/or collocated with (and supplied by) an anaerobic digestion plant at Ellesmere Port.

Agricultural Waste
AD Portfolio

A portfolio of four regenerative farming-focused, on-farm gas-to-grid anaerobic digestion (“AD”) projects, with carbon capture to be installed as a second phase ready for connection to the HyNet network.

ForHousing Net Zero

Collective Self-Consumption (CSC) is a local energy model which shares the output of pooled generation assets amongst a group of consumers with the aim of optimising self-consumption within a building or community.  The simplest form of collective self-consumption is at the  building level, as energy is shared across communal wires and therefore avoids network use of system charges and provided the building network operator is managing a system of <2.5MW it qualifies as a licence exempt supplier.

Solar powered
Sustainable Refuelling
Hub #2

The development and construction of a sustainable refuelling hub (with one or any combination of EV charging, bio-CNG/LNG refuelling and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure) located at the intersection between the M56-M53 to serve local and transitory HGV, LGV, corporate fleet and public demand, combined with an adjacent private wire (up to 60MW) solar PV plant. See also the Solar PV Portfolio.

Fulcrum Sustainable
Aviation Fuel
and Solar

Fulcrum BioEnergy Limited’s new bio-refinery facility in Ellesmere Port, their first project in the UK, will convert non-recyclable household waste into sustainable aviation fuel (“SAF”) for use by airlines operating at UK airports. As part of delivering their NetZero ambitions, Fulcrum are considering a private wire power solution by connecting to nearby solar and wind plants being developed as part of Invest Net Zero Cheshire. See also Solar PV Portfolio.

National Grower
Regional Greenhouses

Development of a multi-site, multi-phase circular economy, greenhouse and vertical farming initiative, backed by a large national vegetable grower. The production yield will be enhanced through the reutilisation of locally captured waste heat and/or CO2 and LED lighting. Power supplied from nearby private wire solar PV projects and CHP.


Humber - Investment Opportunities

A portfolio of Innovative projects of decarbonisation and resilience identified as investable by invest humber net zero.

:  H

Live Infrastructure Developments: Products

Ark: National Flood Resilience Centre

International leadership in flood-resilience research, education, community engagement and response.

Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)

Developing carbon capture at scale, integrating negative emission power production and facilitating a new hydrogen economy as a carbon-free fuel.

Carbon Neutral Lime Kiln

Development of carbon-negative lime kiln technology, with the aim to build a pilot plant to prove the concept.

Gigastack: UK Renewable Hydrogen Technology Hub

Demonstrating large-scale production of renewable hydrogen through electrolysis. This would use offshore wind power to meet the demands of heavy industry.

Green Hydrogen Generation from Waste Water

Waste water treatment with H2 being generated as the by-product. Multiple applications for onshore/offshore water treatment on industrial sites.

H2H Saltend: Hydrogen Fuel Switch to Decarbonise Fossil Fuel Industries

The first demonstrator of blue hydrogen at scale to switch existing power and industry to low carbon fuel, and enabling production of low carbon chemicals.

Humber Zero

On-site integration of carbon capture technology into industrial processes to be sent to offshore storage fields or exported to international markets.

Hydrogen Generation via Methane Pyrolysis

H2 and solid state carbon production from catalysed pyrolysis of natural gas.

Keadby Clean Power Hub

A major clean power hub aiming to use carbon capture and storage and hydrogen solutions to decarbonise essential flexible gas-fired generation.

Lagoon Hull

A 5.5 mile road within the Humber, designed to improve connectivity of products, services and communities, protect the surrounding area from flooding, and mobilise land for regeneration.

Living with Water Projects: Aquagreen infrastructures

Identification of suitable areas for blue/green water sinks and cross-regional infrastructure to include wet woodlands, connectivity, improved air quality, and wind turbines.

Localised Energy Station

Transforming the way we generate and receive energy. The energy station takes advantage of multiple energy sources that are generated locally to decentralise the power system.

Zero-emission, low-cost Hydrogen

H2 generation with solid state C by-product through plasma torch technology.

Energy Gateway North East

Invest North Tyneside Prospectus


Energy Gateway North East

New Addition

Energy Gateway North East England is strategically located on the North Eastern Seaboard, midway between Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth.  It provides unique opportunity to access the North Sea Wind Farms and Oil Fields as well as being centrally located in relation to Scandinavian and Continental sea routes for global market access.

With over 7km of quay next to deep water, over 400ha of key riverside development land across 30 sites and a buoyant supply chain and business cluster, companies are superbly catered for when looking to access key North Sea oil, gas and offshore wind market opportunities. This is all backed up with a fantastic array of world-class R&D and testing facilities, a skilled workforce , a highly competitive cost base, and excellent transport infrastructure. Energy Gateway North East England works for the offshore energy sector.



Customer Favorite

Size: 10.66 ha
Proposed master plan output: The site provides opportunities for mixed-use office, residential, leisure and ancillary retail development to support a thriving, vibrant community of entrepreneurs.
Total investment cost: £150m
Site owner/partner: Gateshead Council
Site requirements: Investors and developers
Address: Northern Design Centre, Hawks Rd, Gateshead NE8 3DF, UK


Invest North East

Property and land search

Live Infrastructure Developments: Products


East Midlands Investment Prospectus


East Midlands Airport and Gateway Industrial Cluster (EMAGIC)

The primary customs site is East Midlands Airport(link is external), the UK’s largest freight airport handling 350,000 tonnes of cargo per year. EMAGIC includes plots on SEGRO Logistics Park East Midlands Gateway(link is external), including access to a 50-acre Strategic Rail Freight Interchange and freight terminal, operated by Maritime.


East Midlands Intermodal Park (EMIP)

Located adjacent to the nationally significant Toyota manufacturing plant, the site has the potential to become one of the next generation of rail connected business parks. The proposed investment would also enable a significant modal shift, from road to rail freight, reducing carbon emissions for businesses within the region.

Site specifications and benefits:

  • Expands national network of Strategic Rail Freight Interchanges.

  • 5.2 million square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution space.

  • Provides value-added accommodation for a variety of advanced manufacturers.

  • Potential for production, storage and use of hydrogen.


Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station site redevelopment

Uniper’s vision for the Ratcliffe site is to move towards becoming a zero carbon technology and energy hub for the East Midlands, supporting continued economic growth, and help meet the region’s decarbonisation goals. 

These plans have the potential to create employment opportunities based around modern industrial and manufacturing uses. This could include sustainable onsite energy generation and a centre for innovation, bringing together industry and academia to help identify and develop the technologies, solutions and skills needed to help meet the UK’s Net Zero commitment. 

In parallel with the successful Freeport bid, work is ongoing with regional stakeholders, including the East Midlands Development Corporation, to bring forward plans for the redevelopment of the site to drive inward investment. This could happen well ahead of the closure of the power station at the end of September 2024, after it has fulfilled its commitments under the capacity market, and in line with government policy to end coal-fired power generation.

The site benefits from:

  • A 273-hectare redevelopment opportunity with the majority of this located within the Freeport tax site boundary.

  • Excellent connectivity to East Midlands Airport, and to the wider UK national road and rail networks; including an existing site rail freight connection with proven capacity of over five million tonnes per year and East Midlands Parkway station adjacent to the site.

  • Access to existing high capacity utilities infrastructure (power, heat and water) capable of supporting a range of intensive end uses, such as industrial and manufacturing processes, making the site suitable to accommodate a major Gigafactory development.

Live Infrastructure Developments: Products


West Midlands Investment Prospectus


Curzon Wharf - Birmingham

  • £140m GDV

  • 1,000 jobs

  • 1m sq. ft

A city-centre master plan to build the world’s first mixed-use and net-zero carbon development. The site will house almost 1 million square feet of new residential, retail, office, life sciences and a healthcare facility. The overall master plan contains proposals for a 564-foot building over 53 storeys, making it the city’s tallest.


PErry Barr -Birmingham

  • 180m GDV,

  • 60 hectares (phase 1)

  • During the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, this site will accommodate the 6,500 athletes and officials visiting the region. The £500 million transformation of this Birmingham district will include 1400 high-quality homes, improvements to walking and cycling routes, new community facilities and lively public spaces.

arden cross.png

Arden Cross - Birmingham

  • £1.5bn GDV

  • 10,000 jobs

  • 350 acres

A £1.5billion major mixed-use site at the HS2 Interchange. Arden Cross is a global destination for innovation, business, commerce, learning and living, across more than 140 hectares (346 acres). As well as being sited alongside HS2 and the national motorway network, it is next to a major international airport and Europe’s busiest events venue.

Live Infrastructure Developments: Products
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