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The Connectivity Agenda

A vision for the commonwealth which has seen leaders commit to increasing intra-Commonwealth trade to US$2 Trillion by 2030, and expanding intra-Commonwealth investment.

The Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda for Trade and Investment is the tool by which this will be achieved.

The Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda is a platform for countries to exchange best practices and experiences to trade and investment and undertake domestic reform.

This hope/aim being for the cross-fertilization to contribute to further reducing trade frictions among members.

The state of the digital economy report assess the state of the digital economy in the Commonwealth, through:

  • identifying the different levels at which the Commonwealth countries are operating in the digital economy

  • scoping out the new opportunities for development of small states in the Commonwealth, including through investment in digital machinery, digital skills, e-commerce and e-government services

  • identifying the challenges that a persistent digital divide poses in these countries

  • understanding the potential for digital technologies to boost intra-Commonwealth trade, and highlighting the role intra-Commonwealth co-operation can play in building digital capacity, particularly in small states

  • identifying best practices and lessons from Commonwealth economies at different levels of development and digital transformation, such as the UK, India, South Africa, Kenya and Papua New Guinea

Commonwealth Connectivity: About
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